• Karim Moussalek


Feeling alone isn‘t the same as being alone. Recent statistics show that 45% of adults feel lonely occasionalIy, sometimes and often - that’s 25 million people. This could be due to many complex issues that could start from childhood abuse such as neglect that is carried through development. It could be how someone else makes you feel or it could come from inside where you feel so lost and alienated from others.

Loneliness depicted as man alone on bench

This is my first post and what is written here is just a draft and will be short. But without a doubt the pandemic has exacerbated this sense of not belonging due to literal quarantines and self isolations.

Know you are not alone in feeling like this, we’re social beings.. we’re meant to connect, to touch, to love. I will always believe that in coming together, forming communities and realising we have so much more in common with one another than we do different will get us through any challenges we face.

I hope if you’re reading this that you’re ok, and to know that if you’re not, it’s ok not to be ok.

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