• Karim Moussalek


I've personally found it hard to find purpose. A purpose to live, a reason to keep going when everything seems to just not be 'worth it'. This perception of reality can obviously be called nihilistic.. like what is the point if we're all going to die anyway. How do my choices and actions and perseverance even matter when everything and everyone here won't be soon. It's a bleak thought process.

I believe one answer to this is finding something in life that JUSTIFIES your suffering. That after taking everything negative combining it together having something that means more to you than that.. something that justifies our pain.

This thing, or things will be unique to each individual. Some may be similar, for example that of parents. They continue to do whatever they can because of their children. I think you can take that and broaden it and say that it is because of love. That love is the reason to keep going. We find out who we are by finding out who we are not. We are constantly changing but you can figure these things out from how they sit with you inside.

Then I believe it may come down to identity, which is another topic in itself, but by finding out who we think we REALLY are after trying to overcome all the conditioning we've been through by society. After that I think we have more of a chance of finding things we genuinely FEEL are what we are here to do. We find out who we want to be, how we want to live and ultimately find our purpose.

It will change throughout the journey, it will not be a linear path, it will be more of a zig zag if anything because you will reach a moment that you thought would be 'IT' and realise it isn't so the trajectory of your pursuit will change.

As long as we try our best to stay aligned to truth, honesty and meaning I think we have more of a chance of finding out why we are here. Maybe there isn't a purpose, but I believe there is so I'm going to live as if there is meaning in what I do. Everything that I do.

I hope you're well.


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